Beware of cheap imitations

Over the past 25 years many driving Instructors and driving schools have tried to copy the Chris Kelly way and have failed miserably

Chris Kelly driving school is fully aware but students need to know that cheap lessons and gimmicks will not get you through the test. There are many gimmicks students need to be aware of such as cheap block lessons for a give away price but what they are not told before booking is that the instructor will be trying to get the next block of lessons paid up front before the 1st 4 or 5 lessons of the initial block and so on from there.

What about the free lesson gimmick for example, 1st lesson free only if you pay for a full course up front. Then there are free Theory packs which are quite simply a few questions printed and given out. What about a free motorway session when you pass!! Thats on the rule that you do a course of 50 to 60 lessons and actually stick the lessons with a poor instructor and actually manage to pass the test. What about a free re test but this is only possible if you pay for a major course of lessons up front even if the student only requires 10 lessons.
Many many driving schools have tried to copy the Chris Kelly way that they would be better served by working in the correct manner.
Chris Kelly does not use any gimmicks whatsoever but has been the busiest driving school over the past 25 years.

More students pass their test with Chris Kelly than any other company in the North West. Chris Kelly driving school has the most cars,recommendations,Instructors,and passes. Chris Kelly is the original crash course specialists and has tens of thousands of passes over the past 24 years and many many more to come!

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