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In the practical test, you will be asked two 'show and tell' questions about safety and maintenance checks on your car. Getting one or both of them wrong will count as a driving fault in your test. 

1. How would you check the engine has sufficient engine oil?

Locate dipstick. Withdraw & wipe dipstick clean and replace. Withdraw and check the oil level is between min and max markers.

2. How would you check the engine has sufficient coolant in it?

Locate header tank. Check coolant level is up to line.

3. How would you check the hydraulic brake fluid is correct?

Locate header tank. Check level against min and max markers.

4. How would you check the window washer reservoir?

Locate reservoir filler cap open and check fluid level.

5. Where would you find the recommended tyre pressures for this car? And how would you check the pressures in them?

In the manufacturer's handbook. Check the pressures with a reliable pressure gauge.

6. How could you tell if your tyres have sufficient tread depth and they are safe and legal to use on the road?

There should be no cuts or bulges on the tyre, there should be a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm over the centre three quarters and around the entire outer circumference.

7. How would you check if your brake lights are working?

Reverse up to a reflective surface, plate glass windows garage doors, etc., make use of reflections. Or ask someone to give you a hand.

8. How would you check your brakes are working before starting a journey?

At slow speed as you first set off check your brakes, they shouldn't feel spongy or slack and the car shouldn't pull to one side whilst braking.

9. How would you check the horn is working?

Press it using restraint, off road only.

10. How would you check your handbrake for excessive wear?

When handbrake is applied it should secure the car, but it shouldn't reach the end of its working travel.

11. How would you check your indicators are working properly?

Switch hazard warning lights on and check each indicator light individually.

12. How would you set the head restraint correctly?

When seated normally the centre of the head restraint should rest against the centre of the back of your head.

13. How would you know if your ABS [anti lock braking system] isn't functioning properly?

The warning light would come on, on the dash.

14. How would you demist your car?

Locate switches, set fans and heaters accordingly.

15. How would you wash your windscreen down while driving?

Activate window washer, normally found on wiper control stalk.

16. How would you know if your power assisted steering is functioning properly?

Pull down on steering wheel with left hand whilst starting the engine and the steering should go lighter as the system begins to function properly. Alternatively while steering a lot in a small space the steering shouldn't get heavier.

17. Show me how you would check your headlights and taillights are working?

Turn lights on. Get out and check each light is working.

18. Show me how would you turn your main beam on, where and where shouldn't you use it?

Turn lights on push indicator stalk forwards towards the bonnet to put main beam on. You should only use your main beam if there are no street lights, but not if you're likely to dazzle someone.

19. Show me how you would turn your rear fog lights on. Tell me when you should and shouldn't use them?

Turn lights on. Push rear fog light button. You should only use fog lights if visibility is less than 100 yards, but not if you're likely to dazzle someone.

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