Driving Instructor Jobs at Chris Kelly Driving School, Wirral & Merseyside

Chris Kelly Driving School has long been known as the busiest driving school across the North West and we're fairly positive in saying we are the busiest independent driving school in the UK!

Chris Kelly has been established since 1989 and he originated the now very famous Crash Course in Merseyside.

We have many Driving Instructors right across the North West working self-employed on a franchise basis.

We have male and female Driving Instructors working 7 days a week. All Driving Instructors can choose their own working hours.

You can choose to work on a part time basis or you can choose to work as many hours as you require, infact it is more than well known that Chris Kelly Driving Instructorss are the busiest Driving Instructors around due to the fantastic base of pupils we always have.

Chris Kelly only ever puts a new Driving Instructor on the road when he feels the time is right and there is more than enough work to go around.

Our lessons are always booked back to back and you will be allowed to stay in your area of choice, again unlike many other companies, so for example, if you live in the Wallasey area, your lessons will be in and around the outskirts of Wallasey.

Driving Instructors do come to us from other driving schools but we never poach Driving Instructors!

If your own business is not working then you could come to us and work the Chris Kelly way, working under our name and logo and you will be busy like never before within days!

Chris Kelly has proven over the years that instructors do NOT have to give lessons away or offer cheap gimmicks to be busy.

Being a Driving Instructor for Chris Kelly is a great career move, so if you are looking to either become a Driving Instructor or change and work for the leading Independent Driving School across the North West then we are the school that will and can offer the security that you may be striving for.

We never devalue instructors by giving away lessons

Chris Kelly Driving Instructors have never had to do any FREE Lessons whatsoever in all the years we have been in operation.

We have never had to do any cheap lessons

Our school is so strong we are always stretched to the limits on work!

Chris Kelly would NEVER take on a Driving Instructor who is not of a very high standard.

We fully understand why we are always so busy, as we only ever have top quality Driving Instructors.

Does this sound like YOU?

Get in touch today to enquire about Working for Chris Kelly Driving School.

Are you a great Instructor & good with people?

driving instructor and tuition logosChris Kelly interviews and fully vets all new Driving Instructors and re-trains them the Chris Kelly way!

If you are a great Driving Instructor and good with people, there is always an opportunity to work under the Chris Kelly franchise.

There are many opportunities to advance with Chris Kelly Driving School; with more training either to become an Instructor Trainer or one of our other opportunities.

Your potential earnings are unlimited and we are one of the very few schools where you can actually earn over the £30,000 per year that is often advertised by other schools!


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